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TEL: +86-21-51601799
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Dman Culture


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The people working here every day follow one rule - Different;

Each person's veins are with DMAN spirit- Creative Passion;

Let's get a sense of accomplishment through innovation.


With sincerity and honesty, we treat seriously with every customer.

False pretension is the only villain.


As an excellent group ,there are several advantages as follows: outstanding achievement, mental health, studious civilization, lively, progressive, united and friendly.

We believe the most important one is to unite. DMAN's achievements, from establishment to now, are from solidarity, cooperation and communication.

1.Corporate Values: Customer's success is our success.

2.Quality Concept: Quality is our life. No quality, no life. Emphasis on quality, Care for life.

3.Learning Concept: Good at learning; Eager to learn; Proficient learning; Dedicated to learning.

4.Sense of Science & Technology: Technology is the first productivity. Technological innovation is the driving force behind the development of enterprises. Rely on scientific and technological progress to win the market.

5.Working Appearance: Nothing is impossible, there will be a way all the way. (There is a problem because of the wrong way, and the thing is difficult because of poor capacity. )

6.Market Outlook: Discover the needs to meet the demand. Requirement Discovery ,to control the market 

7.Service Concept: Fast, efficient and convenient way to provide customers with the best value service. With "one heart " for " three hearts", which means we wholeheartedly service, in exchange for the customer's peace of mind, rest assurance, happiness.

8.Employment Outlook: Recruit workers on a selective basis and appoint people on their merit.

9.Development View: Development is the absolute principle and top priority.

10.Security Concept: Security is happiness, security is efficiency.

11.Brand Concept: Brand means specialty, and brand power is the force of image.

12.Views On Reform: Reform is the driving force behind the development. Without reform, companies have no vitality.

13.Ethics: Civilized business, honest and trustworthy.