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High-efficiency Fine Crusher

Type: Tertiary Crusher
Input Size: 0-190mm
Capacity: 20t/h-270t/h
Processed Materials:
Granite, basalt,limestone,river stone, minerals, quartz, diabase, bauxite,etc.
Mechanism sand, bituminous concrete, metal mine, aggregates shaping,cement,construction,etc.


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  • 1. The device has stable and reliable performance, process simplification, simple structure, reasonable and compact, easy to replace parts, repairs.
    2. It changes tertiary crushing to secondary crushing with large production capacity. The hammerhead is with long service life, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
    3. The unique structure of high chrome hammer, unique hard rock crushing Counterattack liner, unique inertial impact balancing device, a unique easy disassembly maintenance window. Exhaust particle size can be adjusted to simplify the crushing sand making process.
    4. High-efficiency fine crusher yield is higher than the same scale of traditional sand making machine by 30%~50% (≤ 5mm once yield accounted for more than 85%).
    5. High-efficiency fine crusher saving is higher than the same scale of traditional sand making machine by 50% to 70% (Only one motor).
    6. High-efficiency fine crusher finished material is cubic and with strong pressure-resistance, for high standard building needs (needle-shaped, less flaky-shaped).
    7. High-efficiency fine crusher maintenance rate is reduced by 50% to 60% than the same scale of traditional sand making machine (wearing parts can be purchased locally).
    8. High efficiency fine crusher is equipped with Jaw Crusher to consist the system of sand making, without any impact crusher and sand maker, which reduces the investment cost.

  • Model Feeder Opening Size (mm) Feeding Size (mm) Output Size (mm) Capacity of Cement(t/h) Capacity of Limestone(t/h)

    Motor Power(kw)

    PCX8040 400×185 ≦120 ≦3(85%) 20-30 35-45 45
    PCX8060 500×250 ≦180 ≦3(85%) 35-40 45-55 55
    PCX8080 550×330 ≦180 ≦3(85%) 35-45 55-65 55
    PCX1010 1000×350 ≦180 ≦3(85%) 45-55 65-75 75
    PCX1210 1200×400 ≦180 ≦3(85%) 80-100 50-100 110
    PCX1212 1200×450 ≦180 ≦5(85%) 100-110 90-100 132
    PCX1414 1500×500 ≦190 ≦5(85%) 100-150 100-150 160
    PCX1616 1600×550 ≦190 ≦5(85%) 170-210 190-250 250
    PCX1818 1800×800 ≦190 ≦5(85%) 250-270 280-310 315


  • PCX fine crusher incorporates the advantages of the third stage sand making machine, hammer crusher, impact crusher, VSI crusher. It adopts stone-stone principle with a huge arc-shaped crushing cavity, which is a screen cavity with grate seam. We achieves the low cost operation of fine crusher completely for the specialized plate hammer.

  • Supply the most current design and technical expertise;Supply parts sales and training service far beyond the initial sale;Your profits with quality parts and expert service.

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