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PFW Impact Crusher

Type: Secondary Crusher
Input Size: 250-1000mm
Capacity: 70t/h-480t/h
Processed Materials:
Stone with compression strength lower than 320Mpa, such as limestone, gypsum,granite, concrete, lime, plaster, etc.
Ore crushing,metallurgy, railway, highway, construction, cement, energy,chemical, etc.


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    1. High-quality sheet metal and wear parts, reducing wear and tear, improve conditions of production efficiency; advanced processing technology and processes, is the basis of       
    2.   equipment performance.
    3. Product versatility, the two chamber crushing equipment in replacement of other parts of the foundation to increase the grinding holder, you can become a three-chamber ,crushing equipment, reduce user secondary investment.
    4. Heavy-duty rotor, finite element stress analysis, optimal design, the structure is more reasonable, the moment of inertia of a larger, more broken than crushing capacity,    
    5. Rotor welding process, prior to assembly to be done to static and dynamic balance test, so that the rotor running more smoothly, use longer.
    6. Spindle quality forgings finishing at the same time the whole shaft key design, using state-of-the-art international expansion sets up tight connection, more reliable equipment
    7. Operation, post-maintenance easier.
    8. Unique board hammer locking device, tightening torque larger, more secure, the board hammer replace it with a more simple, convenient and fast.
    9. Lining standardized design, strong interchangeability, and to reduce the types of user spare parts and inventory, and replacement easier.
    10. A simple and practical locking means, the Impact Crusher housing a housing two tightly locked together. Such device operation is simple, convenient, and the locking time   
    11. Unique hydraulic device design, both user-friendly easily open rack, replacement parts, and can adjust the discharge opening counterattack frame.     
    12. The counterattack rack and the structural adjustment of the grinding holder is simple, easy to operate, difficult to damage, at the same time easy maintenance, and low cost.
  • Model Rotor
    Feeding Size
    Max Feeding Size
    PFW 128(A) 780×630 300 50-130 55-90 10.8 2890×1748×2932
    PFW 139(A) 1100×630 400 130-210 90-132 13.6 2890×2048×2932
    PFW 139(A) 1100×740 500 180-280 110-160 14.7 2926×2048×2864
    PFW 255(A) 1450×760 500 200-300 160-200 17.4 2893×2398×2970
    PFW 359(A) 1550×1070 700 220-330 200-250 25.7 3700×3025×3240
    PFW 459(A) 1550×1130 750 300-460 250-315 27.1 3750×3022×3330
    PFW 79(A) 2050×830 800 320-490 400-440 36.3 3582×3561×3266
    PFW 679(A) 2050×1230 1100 480-750 400-440 50.5 3900×3600×3500
    PFW 779(A) 2050×1670 1500 500-850 630 78.9 4770×4338×4849
    PFW 887(A) 2540×1845 1600 800-1200 1000 111.5 5355×5399×5454
  • European Type Impact Crusher is a kind of crusher which crush the raw material by using impact energy. When enter the zone of the board hammer, the raw material is crushed by the high-speed impact of it. And then the raw material is threw up to the impact device installed on the rotor and is crushed again. Then the raw material is crushed for another time when it is rebounded from impact liner to the zone of board hammer. The process repeats until the raw material is crushed into the desired size and discharges from the bottom of the machine. The final product size and shape can be changed by adjusting the gap between impact frame and rotor frame. European Type Impact Crusher adopts spring safety device behind the impact liner. When the non-crushed items enter the crusher chamber, the impact frame front and back will be draw back and the non-crushed items will be discharged from machine.

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