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How much a ton of quartz sand? How much earnings can you get each year?

Quartz sand very wide range of applications , using natural quartz ore by crushing , screening, washing and other processing technology, can produce glass , refractories , smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux , ceramics, abrasive materials, casting, quartz sand using its strong acid etching medium capacity building, used for extracting acid acid mortar and concrete .

vis sand maker

It is estimated that natural quartz ore prices Ishihara at 120 yuan per ton, and made out of quartz sand to calculate the minimum to 300 yuan per ton , per ton of quartz can produce profit 180 yuan , while according to a daily processing 800 tons of quartz , earnings can bring is still very impressive. Then they would see the need to put the sand production line equipment is able to meet the needs of production and size . Of course , there are multiple mechanisms of raw materials used to produce sand and gravel aggregate, the price will be very different . Mechanisms for the production of high -quality sand must be configured into high sand production line equipment .

Dman mechanical fist Sand - VSI Sand maker is the upgrade equipment, accessories and efficient wear-resistant , and the production cycle will be more durable than other Sand , body integration design and high productivity, low consumption is aggregate production companies each darling . Return on investment from the perspective of the past two years due to the shortage of natural sand and gravel aggregate , sand mechanisms of various raw materials prices show a certain level rise , and the quality of the mechanism of Aggregate industries have high demands, sand stone industry a new round of revolution will occur .
More detailed description of the mechanism underlying sand and quotation , please click on our online staff , or call our hotline , our professionals will give you a detailed explanation .