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Three methods of construction waste processing

Backfill utilization, temporary storage and landfill. Construction waste backfill is mainly used for grading, roadbed, depressions fill, etc. The Construction Waste used for grading, roadbed should be crushed according to the requirements of the backfill. The Construction Waste for depressions fill can be backfilled directly without crushing.

Construction waste staging yard makes use of the place such as low-lying land or valley in nearby town. After conditions are ripe, construction waste can be recycled or transferred to the landfill disposal. Staging yard should be located in the transportation- convenient area or place near construction waste source. Also, the area without any planning to use or database meeting the requirement of temporary stacking is proper.


Construction waste landfill site can be set by unit of city and county. It is better to locate in low-lying valley, quarry waste pit, etc, where the transportation is convenient, where the distance is reasonable, where the value of land use is low and where the groundwater is poor; Landfill capacity should cover the constructionwaste in service area and the reconstruction of damaged material in the area.


There is also a renewable resource in the construction waste, mainly including concrete waste, waste tiles, waste residue, waste wood, scrap steel, scrap metal components, etc. The priority of Construction Waste Using in the disaster areas should be given to backfill use and simple and practical way of recycling. For reused, damaged buildings and traditional local-style dwelling houses of protect value structures, maintenance components, especially the decorative components, should be applied according to the original process, the original function in the reconstruction of the building should be in the original position.


Because of the construction waste pile is more concentrated, site is limited, and the traffic is not very convenient, mobile crushing station is a suggested alternative. First of all, the device for the mobile crushing and screening plant is multistage crushing of the material. Besides, mobile crushing plant covers an very small area, and is flexible, convenient, mobile, can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation expenses. Mobile crushing plant has flexible configuration, can be modified according to the actual situation on the site. Thus, It is very suitable for crushing construction waste.