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How Material Property Affects the Crushing and Screening Efficiency

1.The composition of the material.

Besides "Easy-to-sieve Grain" and "Difficult-to -sieve Grain", there is "Screen-blocking Grain". It is a kind of particle 1-1.5 times of the screen mesh size. It not only fails to go through screen, but also blocks the mesh. The more "Easy-to-sieve Grain" contains in material, the higher screening efficiency is. On the contrary, the more "Difficult-to-sieve Grain" and "Screen-blocking Grain" contains in material, the lower screening efficiency is. If raw material contains more coarse grain and less fine grain, use auxiliary screen to remove coarse material, then screening the grain with large and fine material, which improves the efficiency of screening, and extends the life of the screen. The feeding size should not be greater than 2.5 ~ 4.0 times of the screen mesh size.


2 .Water and silt content.

Water and silt content has a great influence on the screening process. Moisture on the material surface makes fine grain bonding or attached to the coarse clumps which makes it not easily to go through the screen; Within limits, the screening efficiency decreases with the increase of water content, and when the moisture content increased to 5 ~ 8%, screening efficiency is greatly reduced; When the moisture content increased to more than 10 ~ 14%, the liquidity of particles increases and viscosity decreases, moisture boosts screen efficiency, but it was wet screening then. Moisture effect is related to mud content. When the silt content is high, a small amount of water can also result in serious viscidity. While sieving sticky ore, we must adopt wet screening or wash it in advance to remove mud, in order to improve the screening efficiency.


3 The grain shape.

Circular particles are more easily through the square mesh, Square mesh screens more polygon particles than circular mesh screen. Strip, plate, schistose particles are more difficult to go through square mesh, but easier to go through rectangular mesh.


The above properties of material play a big role in crushing and screening efficiency, which we must take into serious consideration in the screening process. DMAN constantly improves screening machinery performance, improves the screening efficiency and extends service life to create more value for our users.