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How Crushing and Grinding Affects Sorting?

As our country economy develops rapidly, mining and mineral processing industry is booming. Grinding and Grading operation and automatic control in the process becomes increasingly important.

In the processing of metals and non-metallic mineral, crushing and grinding takes the task for the subsequent material sorting. From mining to mill ore is the limit of size 1500-1000mm (open-pit mining) to 600-400mm (underground) loose and hybrid particle swarm, and mineral processing requirements for grain size is usually 0.2-0.1mm or smaller.It is showed that the crushing and grinding process is for reducing particle size, is in order to provide proper materials for subsequent sorting work.

Useful minerals in the ore mineral (mineral to be recycled)and the gangue minerals (mineral to be abandoned) are closely embedded with each other. The dissociation of useful minerals and gangue minerals and all kinds of useful minerals is the premise condition before sorting, is also the first task of grinding. Therefore, before dressing grinding is dissociation in nature grinding. Without a full solution of useful minerals from cast has high yield and the concentrate grade. Useful minerals and gangue minerals show even had body condition Easy to recycle, even recycling up grade is low. Therefore, the primary request of dressing of grinding mill is minerals with high monomer dissociation degree, this is also the first standard of judging grinding quality. 

Various separation methods are restricted by granularity, all have certain appropriate particle size, Therefore, offering suitable raw material for sorting is the second task of grinding.

Above all, the purpose and task of crushing and grinding is to make useful minerals in the ore sufficiently monomer-dissociated and the grain size is suitable for the requirements. And crushing is ,as more as possible, to make uniform end product size.